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Felling Trailers

Utility & Telecom Trailers

Felling’s Utility & Telecom Division provides trailer solutions for a broad customer base that includes major and regional electric, natural gas, water, and telecommunication companies. From standard models to custom designs, the end result is a trailer that meets your needs.

Felling Trailers

Utility Cable Reel Trailers

Felling’s Utility Cable Reel trailers are built to your specification with safety-minded features. Load capacities ranging from 1,890 lbs. to 14,000 lbs, a wide range of reel capacities, LED lighting and sealed wiring harness are all standard.

With options like the Self Loading Turret Reel that offers a 360 degree hydraulically operated rotating turret assembly, the turret can lock into any position when the directional control valve is released.

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Utility Pole Series Trailers

Some jobs call for standard Felling Utility Pole Trailers and then there are those that call for one to be built to your customized spec with safety-minded features. Take confidence in knowing we have been supplying both our standard and highly customized Utility Pole and Utility Pole / Cargo Trailers for over 4 decades to the Utility/Telecom Industry.

Felling’s Utility Pole trailers have filled the pole transport needs of Electrical Coops across the country from large to small fleets.

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Pipe Coil Trailers

Specifically designed for use in the gas and water sectors, Felling’s Pipe Coil trailers are built to high standards and your specifications.

Capacities are available from 1,800 to 6,000 lbs.

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Horizontal Directional Drill Series Trailers

Fellings’ Horizontal Directional Drill Trailers are used to transport directional boring machines known as horizontal directional drills (HDD), used for horizontal underground drilling/directional boring. HDD is a minimal impact trenchless method of installing underground utilities such as pipes, conduits, or cables.

Felling offers two classes of HDD trailers; Drop Deck I Drill Series, deck between the wheels, models with 12K-27K capacities and Low Pro Drill Series, deck-over flatbed tag trailers with 30K-50K capacities.

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FT-3 Mini Trailers

Felling’s FT-3 Mini trailer is your transport solution for your Vibratory Plow. Designed with the same characteristics as the machines they are carrying, these models are compact and lightweight.

Built with a focus on efficiency and safety with multiple load securement points and easy load fold down ramp

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