Felling Construction Trailers
Felling Trailers

Felling Construction Trailers

Felling’s diverse Construction Trailers product line is the answer for many company’s and contractor’s needs. With trailers ranging from the smaller side such as our 3,000 lb. Light Utility Trailers to the larger side such as our 120,000 lb. Heavy Haul Application Trailers, Felling is the key solution for your hauling needs.

Felling Trailers

Felling Drop-Deck Trailers

Construction Drop-Deck Trailers that get the job done.

Felling Trailers offers 5 main model lines of drop-deck trailers (deck between the wheels, low deck, ramp trailer.) Which drop-deck trailer model line is right for your application will depend on the equipment you are transporting.

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Tilt Deck Series Trailers

Felling’s Drop-Deck Tilt trailer’s tilt beds tilt to the ground for loading or unload of equipment. Each style tilt operates in a different way.

  • Pan Tilt is a gravity tilt, it uses gravity and a center pivot point for the tilt bed to tilt.
  • IT-I (Industrial Drop Deck Tilt) tilts with the use of a cushion cylinder, gently lowers the tilt bed to the ground for loading.
  • EZ-Tilt tilts/lowers the tilt bed to the ground via its rotating torsion axles, as axles rotate the tilt bed lowers to the ground.
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Deck-Over Tag Trailers

We know that you work hard and expect your equipment to do the same and then some. That’s why we have designed and engineered our Deckover Equipment Trailers with the strength and durability to get the job done day after day.

Offering Medium to Heavy Duty Low Profile Deckover tagalong trailers, Felling has the right flatbed trailer for your equipment hauling needs.

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Deck-Over Tilt Trailers

Felling Trailers offers three styles of Deck-Over Tilt trailers.

The Air Tilt Trailer “TA” offers a unique design that utilizes air, powered from the tow vehicle, to fill airbags that lift and tilt the trailer and optional ramps.

The Hydraulic Tilt Trailer, deck-over tilt is engineered for easy loading and unloading of your equipment, built for the most rugged equipment.

Felling’s Rigid Neck Tilt Deck Semi Trailers provide the form and function of our hydraulic tilt deck-over models with the capacity to handle heavier loads.

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Hydraulic Dump Series Trailers

Felling offers an expansive model line of hydraulic dump trailers.

No matter the application we have the right dump trailer to get the work done. Felling Dump trailers are utilized in a variety of industries from landscaping, rental yards, commerical hardscaping, constructions sites big and small.

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Construction Semi Trailers

Felling has been manufacturing Construction Semi Trailers for over 25 years. Through that time we have designed and engineered a diverse model line offering that caters to the needs of equipment haulers.

These lines are an ideal fit for transporting construction, agricultural, and industrial machinery.

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